Recover Files from Corrupted SDHC Card

Corrupted SDHC Card

“Have you lost a picture folder from your Fujifilm’s SDHC card because SDHC card corruption. Hey there, take it easy because there are many recovery tools which claim that they recover data from corrupt SDHC card.
SDHC cards are memory cards, which have the capacity of storing data that ranges from 4GB to 64 GB. Such cards can be used in order to store large number of pictures, video files, music files and you can transfer them with reliable speed. These cards are considered reliable and a safe storage media in order to store important files. However, these cards have many benefits when it is compared to other memory cards.
When SDHC cards get corrupted, it starts displaying many error messages such as “Memory Card Error” and “SDHC card not formatted” etc and because of these errors you won’t be allowed to access your important pictures or other media data. So in these situations you are required to take help of correct and effective card recovery software in order to overcome these SDHC card errors and recover all your data from corrupt SDHC card.

Possible reasons behind the corruption of SDHC cards:

  • Sudden removal of SDHC Card: SDHC card gets sometimes corrupt or damaged, if you remove or disconnect your SDHC card while read-write or copying process
  • Wrong Usage: In order to store files SDHC card even after its memory is full, using the same SDHC card on multiple storage drives can also corrupt SDHC card
  • Malware Infection: Malwares are main reason behind SDHC card corruption; usually deadly virus infects your SDHC card when it is connected to virus infected computers
  • Other Reasons: Other reasons for SDHC card corruption includes SDHC card errors, file transfer interruptions, firmware issue on camera, etc.

How to recover Card Recovery Software:

Recovering deleted or damaged data from your corrupted SDHC card is not a big issue if you have relevant software with you. Card Data Recovery software is one of the most relevant software that can recover any kind of corrupted or damaged data from SDHC card. This software is capable to recover deleted, lost or corrupted videos and photos. It recovers SD/memory card and much more.

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