Recover Photos From Sony Alpha DSLR Camera

Sony Alpha DSLR Camera

Are you looking for a solution to recover to recover deleted photos from your Sony Alpha DSLR camera memory card? Have you saved all your memorable photos in your Sony Alpha and you have deleted those photos by mistake and now you want to recover them back as they were quite precious for you. Well, if you have come across this situation then at first please stop using your memory card. Do not save even a single image to that memory card because overwriting a memory card will not let you recover data. There are lots of camera models of Sony Alpha DSLR camera which include APS-C DSLR: DSLR-A100, DSLR-A700, DSLR-A200, DSLR-A300, DSLR-A350, DSLR-A230, DSLR-A330, DSLR-A380, DSLR-A500, DSLR-A550, DSLR-A450, DSLR-A290, DSLR-A390, DSLR-A560, DSLR-A580.

Recover Deleted Photos and Videos From Panasonic Lumix

Panasonic is a well-known company that used to manufacture high-end cameras. Panasonic Lumix is one of them. It has become so popular because of its DMC series. This camera has several hi-tech features. It allows you to take awesome pictures and capture videos in a good quality. This digital camera has a great capability to capture outstanding image and shooting videos. It used memory card to store photos and videos in a large amount. You can store your most memorable moments in Lumix’s memory card. However, you may delete some of your important photos or videos unintentionally and then you will look for a recovery tool.

How To Recover Deleted Photos and Videos From Nikon D5100

Nikon D5100 camera recovery

Nikon is the best brand in the field of cameras. Nikon releases a unique camera with special features. Nikon D5100 is one of them. It is the best DSLR camera among others. Latest technology such as High Dynamic Range that used to combine two exposures to create on perfectly lit in image even in the dark or the light areas and 16.2MP camera have been included in this camera. However, Nikon D5100 used to save their most memorable photos and videos on a SD card having storage capacity from 2GB to 32GB. But sometimes, it happens that you delete the data such as photos and videos from your SD card which has been inserted in the camera by accidentally pressing Delete button.

Micro SDXC Card File Recovery on Windows/Mac

Micro SDXC file recovery
Memory cards like Micro SDXC cards are the standard-based cards that are most widely used to store large amount of data together. The maximum storage capacity of SDXC cards is 2TB (equal to 2048 GB) which is quite larger in size. This card is an evolution of the SD/SDHC memory cards standard. But what would you do if your find that the store you have stored in the memory card have been lost. No matter, what was the reason behind the data loss? It becomes very annoying situation when you lost all your memorable pictures, videos or your favorite music files from your memory card.

Canon Camera Photo and Video Recovery on Windows/Mac

Canon Camera Photo Recovery
The most widely used camera Canon is believed to the best camera when it comes to the camera quality. It has been an active camera designer and manufacturer for last several years. It has been known to be the digital camera. There are different models of Canon that have become so popular because of its high-end features and specifications. Some models like Canon EOS 7D and Canon Powershot S95 have been in so much demand for its high-end performance. People used to save their memorable moments in the camera using the memory card so that they can remember those beautiful moments whenever they want. But what if, the photos and videos you have saved in the Canon camera’s memory are lost due to any reason.

Recover SXW File from Memory Card on Windows/Mac

Recover SXW File from Memory Card
OpenOffice.org text document file format are saved with the extension SXW.  This file format was initially created for StarOffice Writer. It was used as word processing application for Sun Microsystem's StarOffice suite. The text file generally consists of human readable sequence of characters and words. You can also open this file in MS word by renaming it as Doc file. If you want to view this file in your mobile phone, iOS phone, or Smartphone, then it is possible by saving in memory card. Memory card is generally small in size and it is compatible with all the modern gadgets that are available in the market such as desktops, laptops, notebook etc. The most important features of this card is that it can save all types of files, but you should be careful as the chances of losing the files from the card is high. So it is always advised that you should make a backup of all the files saved in the card. Moreover, by following few tips you can extend the life of your card along with the safety of data that are stored in it. If in case, you are not having any backup and the data gets lost or corrupt, then how can you recover it. This is possible with the help of third party application.

CCP File Recovery from Memory Card on Windows/Mac

CCP File Recovery
The CCP files are generally saved with the .ccp extension. The data stored in these CCP files generally includes code that is developed as a conversion profile for internal as well as external data field mapping functionalities. Internal data fields used in CCP file are from internal files encoded in the iTwo XML format, where as external data fields may come from XLS or TXT sources among other documents. These file can be saved in memory card. The data saved in the card is not 100% safe as there is possibility of losing the data from it. And if this happens then how the data can can be recovered. This is possible with the help of third party application software. If you are cautious, then you can prevent the loss of data from the card.

How HTML files from memory card can be recovered?

Recover HTML files from memory card
You must be eager to know what an HTML file is, the files that have extension as html are known as html. It is also known as Hypertext Markup Language. The pages that are being accessed using internet are in html format. Nowadays, you can access internet using your Smartphone, iPhones, mobiles etc. you can even save them in your memory card. And if the html file gets deleted from the memory card, then how can these file be recovered.

Recover lost data from Xbox 360 USB Memory Stick

Xbox 360 USB Memory Stick Recovery

Xbox 360 Memory stick is developed by Microsoft. It has become popular among the users especially for its video gaming console. You can even download games online through Xbox live. This gaming console can also be used for storing data. It is capable of storing data up to 32 GB. Apart from using this device for playing games, it can also be used to access various television programs as well as your favorite music. Another plus point of this device is that as it is an USB device, so it can also be used as an external USB device, and enjoy the games, music, and TV programs by plugging this device to the computer or notebook. These are the positive aspect of it. Now suppose, by any means the data that are saved in the USB Memory stick, gets deleted, corrupted or lost. Then what would you do to recover them. The only way to recover them is by using the third party application software. 

Recover images from Leica Card

Recover images from Leica Card

Leica card is a brand name of memory card. The major advantage of using memory card is that it is compatible with all the modern gadgets such as laptops, desktop, mobiles, Smartphone, digital camera etc. and can save messages, contacts, images and videos etc. Memory cards are small in size, but they are capable of storing data up to 64 GB. Along with these positive features of the card, there are negative aspects as well. They have to be handled very carefully as the chances of data corruption, deletion is high. In such cases, you can recover them with chkdsk, or with the help of third party application software.