How To Recover Deleted Photos and Videos From Nikon D5100

Nikon D5100 camera recovery

Nikon is the best brand in the field of cameras. Nikon releases a unique camera with special features. Nikon D5100 is one of them. It is the best DSLR camera among others. Latest technology such as High Dynamic Range that used to combine two exposures to create on perfectly lit in image even in the dark or the light areas and 16.2MP camera have been included in this camera. However, Nikon D5100 used to save their most memorable photos and videos on a SD card having storage capacity from 2GB to 32GB. But sometimes, it happens that you delete the data such as photos and videos from your SD card which has been inserted in the camera by accidentally pressing Delete button.

When you press Delete button after selecting some pictures that you want to delete but unknowingly you have selected the complete files including videos and photos, your data gets deleted and as a result, you left with nothing in your folder. When this kind of situation takes place then the first you should take is not to save any new photo or video in that particular memory card because if you overwrite the memory card with the new files then it would become impossible to recover deleted data Nikon camera.

Well, files can be lost because of different scenarios. Some of the common scenarios behind losing the data are:
  • You may lose data due to human error which is very common.
  • Data can be lost due to format error
  • You may also lose data because of mishandling the memory card
  • Transfer error could be another reason
  • File System corruption also lead to data loss.

Above mentioned are some of the common reasons behind the data loss scenarios. However, data can be easily recovered when you have the best recovery tool with you. In this case, you can make use of Card Data Recovery software. This software can easily recover deleted photos and videos from Nikon D5100 camera in just a few steps.

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  1. Really, Very help tool. I too encounter picture loss from my new Nikon camera but thanks to Nikon Photo Recovery Software using which i was able to recover them.