Fix “Please Insert Disk into Removable Disk” USB Error

When you connect your USB flash drive on your PC and you get an error message as Please insert disk into Removable Disk F:” or “no media found”?  And on checking its properties it shows as zero bytes. In such situations all the data that are present in the drive has become corrupted.  Or the device is unable to detect the drive. If you have important documents in the drive, then it is advised to restore the data first before fixing this problem.  Because the data in the USB drive are still present in it in raw format. You should not use the device till all the data are recovered from it. Because on using the device the newer data would overlap the older one then I that case it would become impossible to recover them.

Unreadable USB drive symptoms:

  • In my computer you can see the icon of USB Flash drive, right click on it and select properties, after that checks its total capacity; if it is showing incorrect data then in that case it is not getting detected by the system.
  • Generally users get the Please insert a Disk into Removable Disk error when they double click on the USB flash drive.”

Reasons behind this problem

  • Windows is generally considered as a mass storage device and is unable to send report back to the controller. As a result Windows is unable to increase the drive, and while performing the Disk Management it shows as NO Media.
  • In Device Manager you will find that the USB disk has different name like USBest USB2FlashStorage USB Device. This indicates that the controller cannot load the firmware of the manufacturers and is failing to boot in safe mode. By this method the manufacturer can initialize the drive, test the memory, erase the drive and reload the firmware.
In order to recover the data from the Flash drive you can use Flash Drive Recovery software. Using this software you can easily, recover the photos, videos, audios etc from the drive. This software scans the entire drive and recovers the lost data from it. 

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