How lost Photos and Videos from Sony Camera can be recovered?

Sony camera recovery
The craze for the digital camera is increasing all over the world, due to its simplicity and yet capable of capturing high-quality pictures and videos in HD quality. There are many brands of digital camera are available in the market. Among them, Sony digital camera is liked by many users, due to its creative and high-end technologies. With this camera, you can click photos and shoot videos. You can save them in the camera. Now suppose in case the photos and videos that are deleted in the camera get deleted then, in that case, how can it be recovered. It can only be recovered with the help of third party application.

Reasons responsible for the losing photos and videos from Sony Camera

Here are the lists of reasons responsible for losing photos and videos from the camera.
  1. You have unknowingly or by mistake deleted the photo or videos from the camera.
  2. You are clicking photos or shooting videos when the power of the camera is low. In such case the chances are high to lose the data or data may become corrupt.
  3. While transferring the data from Sony camera to the computer is interrupted midway.
  4. Taking out the card from the camera without switching it off.
  5. Improperly taking out the card from the computer without ejecting it.
  6. The card has been affected by virus or any malware.

What should be done after losing the data?

Whenever you lose the data then first and foremost thing is that you should stop using the camera till all the data are recovered. The data that are lost or deleted are still present in the camera in Raw Format. If you continue using it then the new data would over lap the older data and then it would become impossible to recover them. It is generally advised to keep the backup of all the data from the camera. If you do not have it then it can be recovered with the help of Card Data Recovery Tool. It first scans the entire device and recovers all the deleted or lost photos and videos in RAW format in the camera. This software can also be used to recover data from memory card, all types of SD card and other digital cameras in an easy way.

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