How to Recover Data From SD Card After Abruptly Removing it From Smartphone?

 Get Photos SD card was removed from the Smartphone improperly
SD card is generally used for storing data like photos, videos, music etc. It can be used in Smartphone, camera, phones, laptops etc. Though its size is small but it can store a large amount of data. People save their memorable photos, favorite videos and audios in it. So it is necessary to handle them properly. If it is not handled properly then there are chances that you may lose all your data from the SD card. Reasons for data getting deleted from the card are due to accidentally deleting the data or formatting the card, card gets corrupt and many more. If you have the backup then you can recover them. And if you do not have any backup then how can you recover them back? This is only possible with the help of third party application software.

How to Take Care and Use Your Memory Cards in Camera

Memory card has become one of the essential part in our life as it helps us in many ways like storing data which are important in our life which includes recordings, videos, photos and many more.well, if you take proper care of your card then it would last long but here, how to take care of the memory cards and what to do while using them so that it does not get corrupt soon is the main issue. However you will get to know about all such methods in the mentioned below paragraph.

How to Recover Files From SD Card Using cmd?

SD Card is commonly used for storing data as it can be used in computers, laptops, camera etc. but in some cases it may lead to irritating situation. When you try to connect SD card to your computer in that case you would face these errors. You may get any of the following errors when you try to access your SD card data such as: “The disk is not formatted. Do you want to format it now” or “File or directory is corrupted and unreadable”. In such cases you would not be able to either read or write data from the SD card. If the SD card is not properly maintained then the data stored in the card may be lost forever.

Recover Files From Sony Memory Stick Pro Duo

Sony Memory Stick Pro Duo

Have you ever come across a situation of data loss in Sony memory Stick pro Duo? If yes then there is nothing to fear about as ways are available to solve this data loss problem. Generally memory stick is a data storage device which provides high data transfer speed along with good storage capacity. This memory stick is especially designed for camcorders, PDA’s, camera along with other digital devices so that it can store games, audios, videos, photos in large amount. 

How to Recover CF Card Formatted data?

Mostly preferred digital memory card is the (Compact Flash Card) CF card. It has more space then the memory card like SD card, memory stick, XD picture card etc. It has faster speed and reasonable card and for this reason it is widely used in the digital cameras.

But in most of the cases it is found that the card get accidentally formatted, deleted, corrupted or become inaccessible. While transferring data like photos, videos etc to your PC/laptop you may experience this situation. It is really a big tragedy as the lost data must have precious pictures, important audio files and many other things. Know what will your reaction; you know nothing how to overcome this situation and what to do next to get back the formatted data. Don’t Panic!! Luckily the recovery can be easily performed. The formatted files of the CF card were not deleted permanently; the files are wiped and stored some other place. So it is possibly recovered. But moving further I would like to discuss the scenario of data loss, as this will help you to avoid this situation later:

Recovering lost JPEG/JPG file from Memory Card

Recovering lost JPEG/JPG file from Memory Card

When you realized that your precious photos have been deleted from your memory card then these two words get uttered by the victims – “Oh No!!!” Well, now you don’t have to utter these two words as here is the easy solution that you can opt for to recover your deleted JPG/JPEG photos.

These days almost everyone has mobile phones or digital cameras and everybody uses these gadgets to click images. The photos clicked by these gadgets are mostly saved in JPG/JPEG file format. So, the photos you click by your phones or digital cameras are gets saved in JPEG/JPG file format on the device’s memory card. JPEG file format uses compression method and it is also compatible on the internet and therefore it is very popular.