Recover Deleted Files from XC Memory Card

Sometimes it happens that you lost all your data such as photos, videos, audio, document or other files from your XC card due to several reasons. Yesterday my friend said that “I was looking for files and suddenly I found some other files that were mo longer I use so I decided to deleted them from my XC card as it was only taking space and are no longer in use. But instead of selecting those files I selected all the files and tap press the delete all option. As a result, I lost all those files from my XC card, can you please suggest me something so that I can recover those files from my XC card”.

Recover Lost Data From CF Type I Card

There are lots of storage device available that can be used to store large amount of data at one place. Compact flash card is a special kind of storage device that are used in portable electronic devices. Generally, there are two types of CF card, one is CF type I card and another one of CF Type II card. There is only a single difference between these two most widely used cards is the thickness. The thickness of CF Type I card is 3.3mm whereas the thickness of CF type II card is 5mm. Sometimes, it may happen that you may lose some of your data such as photos, videos, music and other document files from your Type I card. If it ever happens to you what would you do to get those lost files back? This is the first question that will arise after you lost your data from your memory card.