Recover Lost Data From CF Type I Card

There are lots of storage device available that can be used to store large amount of data at one place. Compact flash card is a special kind of storage device that are used in portable electronic devices. Generally, there are two types of CF card, one is CF type I card and another one of CF Type II card. There is only a single difference between these two most widely used cards is the thickness. The thickness of CF Type I card is 3.3mm whereas the thickness of CF type II card is 5mm. Sometimes, it may happen that you may lose some of your data such as photos, videos, music and other document files from your Type I card. If it ever happens to you what would you do to get those lost files back? This is the first question that will arise after you lost your data from your memory card.

First of all, there is a need to know how unintentional deletion of data can take place. Usually, there are some common scenarios that can be the reason behind the loss of data from your card. Some of the common reasons behind then deletion of data from memory card are mentioned below:

Common reasons for losing data from data from different kinds of memory card:

  • Sometimes, the files may get corrupted due to several reasons like virus attack, continuous saving pictures or frequently copying the files one after another.
  • Users may sometimes do not handle the device properly which may lead to inaccessibility of their files.
  • Virus attack to your device could be another reason behind the inaccessibility of media files like music, photos and videos.
  • Media files may also become inaccessible because of the users mistake like an improper way of using a device, taking pictures or shooting videos in low battery, etc

These are some of the reasons behind losing the data from different media storage devices. However, in order to recover such data you have to make use of third party tool.re, in this case, you can also try Card Data Recovery Tool, an effective tool that can allow you to Recover lost data from CF Type I card and other related memory card types with an ease. 

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