Recover Photos from Transcend Memory Card

If you are searching for a device to store large amount of data and that too in a small chip? Then memory card would be the ideal device for saving the data. You can save the data whose size may vary from 512 MB to 128 GB. Today, there are many manufactures who manufactures Memory card they are Transcend, Samsung, Sony, San Disk and many more. Among these cards many users are using Transcend card. The most important thing of this card is that they are compatible with all the electronic gadgets that are available in the market. And at the same time it can store all types of data such as photos, videos, documents etc. and in any formats. This card is very handy when you are looking to save a large amount of data and that too in a small space. But along with all these advantages, there are some drawbacks as well, which may result in losing or corrupting your data.

How the photos from the transcend card gets lost or damaged?

Here are the lists of reasons that are responsible for losing the data from the card are as follows:
  • You should always remove the card from the camera after switching it OFF.
  • While removing the card from the computer, you should first select the eject option from it and then take out the card.
  • If the data in the card has been infected by virus, then the data may become corrupt and even lose them forever.
  • While transferring the file from the memory card, if it is interrupted midway, then the chances of losing the file becomes more.
  • The most common mistake that many people do is that they by mistake delete the file from the card.

How to recover the lost photos from the card without backup?

When the photos, videos or other important data gets lost from the transcend card, you should stop using it, till all the data are recovered. The lost data are present in the card but in raw format, which can be recovered with the help of Card Data Recovery Software. It scans the entire card and recovers the lost data from its raw format. You can also use this software to recover lost data from SD card, digital camera, flash drive, memory stick and many more.

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