Recover lost data from SD card using Recovery Software on Windows/Mac

 Recover Deleted Media Files Using Recovery Software

With the advancement of technology, it is now possible to store a large amount of data on a small chip or card. These cards are available in the market in the names of SD card, memory card, flash drive and many more. These cards have the capacity of storing more than 120 Gigabytes of data. Today, Hard disks are having the capacity of storing data in Terabytes. Now with the help of technology, researchers are trying to increase the storage capacity of these small chip or card. Another most important aspect of these small storage cards is that they are compatible with all the electronic devices such as Smartphone, iPhone, mobile, Tab, laptops, desktops etc. It can store photos, videos, contacts, important documents and many more. Now, the data stored in it gets lost, damaged or corrupt, then how can it be recovered. It can be recovered with the help of third party application. But before that, you should know the scenarios that are responsible for losing the data and what should necessary steps that have to be followed after losing the data from it.

Reasons behind losing the data from the SD card

Here are the lists of scenarios that are responsible for losing the data from the card are mentioned below:
  1. You should not eject the card from the camera, without switching it Off.
  2. You should not click images or record videos when the power of the battery is low, or else the data may become corrupt.
  3. You should take out the card from the computer after selecting the eject option.
  4. When you are transferring the data from the card to another device, if it is interrupted midway, then there are chances of losing the data.
  5. If the data in the card has been infected by a virus, then all the data in the card becomes corrupt.

How to recover Deleted files from SD card?

When the data in the card is lost, deleted or corrupt, then you should stop using the card till all the data are recovered. Because those data are still present in the phone, but in raw format and it can be recovered only with the help of Card Data recovery Software. With the help of this software, you can easily recover the lost, deleted or corrupt data from the raw format. Moreover using this software is very easy.

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