Recover Photos, Videos and Audio Files from SD Card

Recover Photos, Videos and Audio Files

Nowadays the SD card slots are available in camera, Smartphone, Laptops, Desktop and many more. All these devices use SD card to store videos, photos, audios, etc. in it. Though they are small in size but they are capable of storing large amount of data. Say for example you can save your favorite videos and audios, memorable photos, etc. If in case the data saved in the card gets corrupt or damaged, then there are chances of losing all the data from the card. There is no need to panic! As there are ways by which you can recover them. This can be recovered with the help of third party application. But before that we should know the reasons behind losing videos, audios or photos from the card.

Reasons behind losing video, audio, photos from SD card

Here are the lists of reasons how we lose the data from the card mentioned below:
  1. While deleting a video, audio or photo from the folder you delete the entire folder from the card. or by mistake you have deleted any documents from the card.
  2. You should be very careful while using it in other devices as it may get infected by virus, and as a result the data in the card gets corrupted due to virus.
  3. While transferring any data from the card or into the card, if it is interrupted midway then in that case the data may become corrupt.
  4. This is the most common mistake made by the users, especially the new users, they unknowingly select the format button, as a result all the data in the card is lost.

How to Photos, Videos and Audio Files from SD Card?

Whenever your card has become corrupt or damaged you should stop using the card till all the data are recovered. They are not lost completely. The data are still present in the card in Raw format. If you continue to use the card then the new data would overlap the older data then it would become difficult to recover them. These deleted data can be recovered with the help of Card Data Recovery software. This software scans the entire card and recovers the deleted photos, videos, audios etc. in this way you can recover the lost data from the card.

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