Recover Deleted AVI video files from memory card

  recover deleted AVI video files
The memory card basically is a small chip, which is capable of storing data ranging from 512 MB to 128GB. It can be use to save the images, videos, messages, contacts, documents etc. As it is small in size so we should take more care to preserve them and keep them safe. But it is not always possible all the time. If the data that are saved in it especially the video files in AVI format, gets deleted, corrupt or lost. Then you may be thinking that whether it is possible to recover them. The answer is Yes. It can only be recovered with the help of third party application.

Reasons behind losing AVI files in the memory card

Here are the lists of reasons how the data are deleted from the memory card.
  1. Memory card are used in the camera, if you are using the camera when the battery power is low, then there are chances that the data that are in the card may become corrupt.
  2. You should take out the card from the camera after switching it off.
  3. When you are using the card in various devices then there are chances that it may be affected by virus or malicious adware.
  4. You should try to eject the card from the computer after selecting the eject option from the computer.

What should be done when the data are deleted from the camera?

The first and foremost thing is that you should stop using the card till all data are recovered especially the video files. The data are still present in the card in raw format. If you continue to use the card then the newer data may overlap the older data and then it would become impossible to recover them. You can recover the deleted data with the help of AVI File Recovery Software. With the help of this software, you can easily recover them. Using this software you can easily recover the lost or deleted data from Flash drive, SD card, pen drive, external hard drive etc. Moreover using this software is very easy.


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