Recover Deleted TIFF Images On Windows/Mac

tiff file recovery
Photos are generally saved in various formats such as JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, TIFF etc. Among them TIFF is generally know as Tag Image file format, it is used for storing raster graphics images, the publishing industry, photographers and popular among graphic artists in computer file format for storing. It is generally supported by the image manipulation applications, which are used in publishing and for page layout applications, for scanning, word processing, faxing etc. The images with TIFF format are high quality images and its size is more that JPEG. This format is also supported by Smartphone, digital camera, tablet, computer, laptop etc. Now suppose in case the photos in TIFF format get deleted, then you may think whether it is possible to recover them. It is possible only with the help of third party application.

Reasons behind losing TIFF files:

Here are the lists of reasons how you can lose the TIFF files are mentioned below:
  1. From the memory cards, computer, laptops, camera you have by mistakenly or unintentionally deleted the photo from it.
  2. You should be very careful while removing the SD card from the camera, external drive from the computer. If they are handled in an improper way, there are chances that the file may get lost.
  3. While transferring the file from one device to another, if it is interrupted midway then there are chances that file may become corrupt.
  4. You have unintentionally formatted the device.
  5. If the hard drive, external drive, memory card, SD card etc. are infected by virus, then there are chances that the images may become corrupt.

What should be done when the images are deleted?

The first and foremost thing when the images in TIFF format are deleted is to stop using the device till the entire data are recovered. The images are still present in the device in Raw Format. If you continue to use the device then in that case the newer data would over lap the older data. Then in such cases it would become impossible to recover. In order to recover the lost or deleted data you can use Card Data Recovery. Using this software, you can easily recover the data from the device. This software can also be used to recover data from memory card, SD card, external drive, digital camera and many more. More over using this software is very easy.


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