Recover Deleted MKV Video Files From Card on Windows/Mac

 Recover MKV videos
The technology is also getting advanced day by day. Previously to save the data in few kilobytes it used to take large area, but today, you can save data file more than gigabytes size and that too in a small area such as memory card, SD card, pen drive and many more. The most important thing about this card is that it can be used in all the modern gadgets that are available in the market, such as Smartphone, mobile, iPhone, iPad, iPod, computer, laptops etc. As this card can save data of large file size, so you can also save video files in it. Along with all the positive aspects, it has some drawback. As it is small in size, so there are chances that it may get damaged or get corrupt, then the data in the card gets corrupt. In order to recover the data such as MKV video, any video format, photos, etc. can be recovered with the help of third party software.

Reasons that are responsible for deleting the data from the card

Here are the lists of reasons that are responsible for deleting the data from the card are as follows:
  1. If you have by mistakenly or unknowingly deleted the videos or other files by either deleting the folder.
  2. If you have unknowingly select the format option and in this way, all the data from the card can be deleted.
  3. If the data has been infected by malicious malware and in this way the data gets corrupt.
  4. The other reasons for corruption of data are Hard drive corruption, malfunction of the system file, memory card damage, while transferring videos from one device to another there is an interruption, etc.

How can lost video files be recovered?

When the data gets lost, then the first and foremost thing you should do is to stop using the card, till all the data are recovered. The deleted or lost videos are still present in the card in the raw format. If you continue to use the card, then the new data would overlap the older data, then it would become difficult to recover them. It can be recovered with the help of Card Data Recovery software. Using this software, you can easily recover the lost video files in it.

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