Recover Deleted AVI video files from memory card

  recover deleted AVI video files
The memory card basically is a small chip, which is capable of storing data ranging from 512 MB to 128GB. It can be use to save the images, videos, messages, contacts, documents etc. As it is small in size so we should take more care to preserve them and keep them safe. But it is not always possible all the time. If the data that are saved in it especially the video files in AVI format, gets deleted, corrupt or lost. Then you may be thinking that whether it is possible to recover them. The answer is Yes. It can only be recovered with the help of third party application.

How deleted data from Lexar SD memory card can be recovered?

, Lexar sd card data recovery

Technology has played an important role in storing a large amount of data and that too in a small space. Memory card is best example for this. There are many manufactures of memory card available in the market. Here are we are going to talk about the Lexar SD memory card. In this card, you can store your favorite photos, videos, contacts, messages, audios and many more. It acts as a store house for you, where you can save all your important data in a single space. Now suppose in case if the data that is saved in the card gets deleted or corrupt, then you may be thinking that whether it is possible to recover the data from it. But before that, we should know the scenarios that are responsible for it.

How lost Photos and Videos from Sony Camera can be recovered?

Sony camera recovery
The craze for the digital camera is increasing all over the world, due to its simplicity and yet capable of capturing high-quality pictures and videos in HD quality. There are many brands of digital camera are available in the market. Among them, Sony digital camera is liked by many users, due to its creative and high-end technologies. With this camera, you can click photos and shoot videos. You can save them in the camera. Now suppose in case the photos and videos that are deleted in the camera get deleted then, in that case, how can it be recovered. It can only be recovered with the help of third party application.

Recover Photos, Videos and Audio Files from SD Card

Recover Photos, Videos and Audio Files

Nowadays the SD card slots are available in camera, Smartphone, Laptops, Desktop and many more. All these devices use SD card to store videos, photos, audios, etc. in it. Though they are small in size but they are capable of storing large amount of data. Say for example you can save your favorite videos and audios, memorable photos, etc. If in case the data saved in the card gets corrupt or damaged, then there are chances of losing all the data from the card. There is no need to panic! As there are ways by which you can recover them. This can be recovered with the help of third party application. But before that we should know the reasons behind losing videos, audios or photos from the card.

Fix “Please Insert Disk into Removable Disk” USB Error

When you connect your USB flash drive on your PC and you get an error message as Please insert disk into Removable Disk F:” or “no media found”?  And on checking its properties it shows as zero bytes. In such situations all the data that are present in the drive has become corrupted.  Or the device is unable to detect the drive. If you have important documents in the drive, then it is advised to restore the data first before fixing this problem.  Because the data in the USB drive are still present in it in raw format. You should not use the device till all the data are recovered from it. Because on using the device the newer data would overlap the older one then I that case it would become impossible to recover them.

Recover Deleted Photos from Kodak Digital Camera

Today, digital camera is gaining popularity due its simplicity and easy to use. And among them Kodak camera is popular among the users due to its brand value. People can take photos and videos easily. These photos and videos get saved in SD card inside the camera. Now just think when your favorite videos, your memorable photos gets deleted then in that case you may be thinking that can it be recovered, The answer is Yes. This is possible with the help of third party applications. Before that you should follow the some precautions in order to avoid data from the SD card getting lost or deleted.