Recover Deleted Files from XC Memory Card

Sometimes it happens that you lost all your data such as photos, videos, audio, document or other files from your XC card due to several reasons. Yesterday my friend said that “I was looking for files and suddenly I found some other files that were mo longer I use so I decided to deleted them from my XC card as it was only taking space and are no longer in use. But instead of selecting those files I selected all the files and tap press the delete all option. As a result, I lost all those files from my XC card, can you please suggest me something so that I can recover those files from my XC card”.

This was the scenario my friend explained to me yesterday and now she is looking for a recovery tool so that she can recover all those files from her memory card. Also, there are other several reasons due to which one can easily lose files such as photos, videos, music files from their XC card or other memory cards.

Reasons behind the deletion of files from memory card:

  • Scanning of corrupt images and a device with an anti-virus program can also lead to deletion of important files from memory card.
  • Sometimes you may click “Delete All” button and as a result, you will lose all your data from your memory card.
  • Sometimes, when you mark images, video or other files for deletion and sometimes you select few other vital files unknowingly and press ‘Delete’ command.
  • Another reason for losing files from memory card could be the sudden ejection of memory card.
  • Usually, the deletion of media files takes place because of human mistakes such as using camera in low battery and unintentionally media file deletion.

These are some of the scenarios listed above that can be taken place when you lose data from your memory card. However, in order to recover deleted data from XC card, you need to take help of third party tool. Her, in this case, you can try Card Data Recovery tool using which you will be easily able to Recover deleted data from your XCcard. 

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