Recover SXW File from Memory Card on Windows/Mac

Recover SXW File from Memory Card
OpenOffice.org text document file format are saved with the extension SXW.  This file format was initially created for StarOffice Writer. It was used as word processing application for Sun Microsystem's StarOffice suite. The text file generally consists of human readable sequence of characters and words. You can also open this file in MS word by renaming it as Doc file. If you want to view this file in your mobile phone, iOS phone, or Smartphone, then it is possible by saving in memory card. Memory card is generally small in size and it is compatible with all the modern gadgets that are available in the market such as desktops, laptops, notebook etc. The most important features of this card is that it can save all types of files, but you should be careful as the chances of losing the files from the card is high. So it is always advised that you should make a backup of all the files saved in the card. Moreover, by following few tips you can extend the life of your card along with the safety of data that are stored in it. If in case, you are not having any backup and the data gets lost or corrupt, then how can you recover it. This is possible with the help of third party application.

Tips while using Memory card

Here few tips that you should follow while using the memory card are as follows:
  1. While taking out the card from the phone, you should switch off the phone and then take out the card and in case of computer, you should first select the eject option from the PC and then take out the card.
  2. While transferring the data from the card to other device or vice versa, make sure it is not interrupted or else, it may corrupt the data.
  3. Keep your memory card data safe from the attack of malicious malware.

How to recover SXW File from memory card?

When you are unable to access the data from the card, you should stop using it immediately, because the deleted data are still present in the card in raw format, which is invisible to our eyes. To recover the data from its raw format, you have to use Card Data Recovery Software; it would scan your entire card to recover the data. Once it is recovered you can save them at your desired location. Using this application, you can also use it to recover corrupt or lost data from digital camera, all types of SD card, mobile phones etc. and that too in an easy way.


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