How HTML files from memory card can be recovered?

Recover HTML files from memory card
You must be eager to know what an HTML file is, the files that have extension as html are known as html. It is also known as Hypertext Markup Language. The pages that are being accessed using internet are in html format. Nowadays, you can access internet using your Smartphone, iPhones, mobiles etc. you can even save them in your memory card. And if the html file gets deleted from the memory card, then how can these file be recovered.

Reasons behind missing of html file

Here are the lists of reasons that are responsible losing the files from the memory card.
  1. You have mistakenly deleted the file from the card.
  2. You have formatted your phone, while the memory card is attached to it, then all the data it the card would get deleted.
  3. If the card has been infected by virus, then the data may become corrupt.
  4. If access the html file the device gets crashed.
  5. When you are transferring the file from the memory card to other device or vice versa, it should not be interrupted mid way, or else the file would be lost.
  6. When you are taking out the card from the phone, you should switch off the phone, before taking it off.
  7. While ejecting the card from the PC, you should select the eject option and then take it out.

Ways to recover the HTML file from memory card

You should immediately stop using the card till all the html files are recovered, because they are still present in the card, but is raw format, which is invisible to us. And, if you continue to use the card, then the new data would overlap the old data and then it would become impossible to recover them. The lost data can be recovered with the help of Card Data Recovery Software. It scans the entire card and recovers all the data from its raw format for both Windows as well as Mac operating system, and save them to your preferred location. Using this application, you can recover any data such as photos, videos and other important documents from SD card, flash drive, digital camera etc. Moreover, using this software is very easy.

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