CCP File Recovery from Memory Card on Windows/Mac

CCP File Recovery
The CCP files are generally saved with the .ccp extension. The data stored in these CCP files generally includes code that is developed as a conversion profile for internal as well as external data field mapping functionalities. Internal data fields used in CCP file are from internal files encoded in the iTwo XML format, where as external data fields may come from XLS or TXT sources among other documents. These file can be saved in memory card. The data saved in the card is not 100% safe as there is possibility of losing the data from it. And if this happens then how the data can can be recovered. This is possible with the help of third party application software. If you are cautious, then you can prevent the loss of data from the card.

How to prevent CCP files from getting lost?

Here are the lists of scenarios that are responsible for the loss of data from the card is as follows:
  1. When you are taking out the memory card from the computer, then you should follow the proper ejection method.
  2. While transferring the data from the card to other device or vice versa, it should not be interrupted mid way, or it may lead to the loss of data.
  3. While viewing the file you have accidentally deleted the file from the card, and then the data gets lost.
  4. If you are formatting your PC and the card is attached to the PC then all the data in the card gets deleted. 
  5. If you are using the card on multiple devices then there are chances that the data may become corrupt or damaged.
  6. When you want to take out the card from mobile phones, Smartphone, iPhones etc. you should switch off the device and then take out the card, or else there are chances of corruption of data.

How to recover the lost CCP files from the memory card?

The lost files can be recovered with the help of Card Data Recovery software. It scans the entire card and recovers all the data from its raw format. It is professional software that helps you to recover all the lost, damaged or corrupted data from the card. It can also recover lost data from the memory stick, hard disk, digital camera etc. and that too in an easy way.

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