Recovering lost JPEG/JPG file from Memory Card

Recovering lost JPEG/JPG file from Memory Card

When you realized that your precious photos have been deleted from your memory card then these two words get uttered by the victims – “Oh No!!!” Well, now you don’t have to utter these two words as here is the easy solution that you can opt for to recover your deleted JPG/JPEG photos.

These days almost everyone has mobile phones or digital cameras and everybody uses these gadgets to click images. The photos clicked by these gadgets are mostly saved in JPG/JPEG file format. So, the photos you click by your phones or digital cameras are gets saved in JPEG/JPG file format on the device’s memory card. JPEG file format uses compression method and it is also compatible on the internet and therefore it is very popular.
People try to store their photos safely but due to several reasons they lose it. There are several reasons behind the deletion of photos from memory card. Some of them are mentioned below:

Reasons behind deletion of JPEG/JPG photos

Human Error – It is one of major problem. Many users accidentally or mistakenly delete their images from their card. When they view photos then sometimes due to mishandling of the device users lose or deleted their JPEG photos file.

Formatting Memory Card – This is another common reason due to which users lost their data. Almost every digital camera and smart phones have format option and while checking out the feature if users by mistake click on “Format” then it lead to complete deletion of data including your photos too.

Virus Attack – Another reason is virus infection. When it infects your device then it corrupts the data stored in the card, including your JPG photos as well.

Using of same cards on multiple devices – If you use the same cards on different devices then there is a high possibility that it can lead to card corruption and hence you can’t access your Jpeg images stored in it.
Beside these there are other several reasons which can result in JPG/JPEG loss. But now you do not have to worry about because you can now recover your deleted photos easily with the help of Card Data recovery tool.

How to recover JPEG/JPG photo files

Card Data Recovery tool is powerful software that is specifically designed to recover deleted, lost, missing or erased data from memory card. It can recover all types of data from card such as Photos (JPG/JPEG, TIF, BMP, PNG, GIF, etc), video files (3GP, AVI, MP4, MOV, MKV, etc), audio files (AMR, AAC, M4A, MP3, etc.) and documents files (PPT, MS Word, PDF, Excel, etc). You can use this software to recover data from any memory cards like miniSD card, microSD card, SD cards, MMC cards, CF Cards, XD cards, etc and supports all brands of card.

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