How to Recover CF Card Formatted data?

Mostly preferred digital memory card is the (Compact Flash Card) CF card. It has more space then the memory card like SD card, memory stick, XD picture card etc. It has faster speed and reasonable card and for this reason it is widely used in the digital cameras.

But in most of the cases it is found that the card get accidentally formatted, deleted, corrupted or become inaccessible. While transferring data like photos, videos etc to your PC/laptop you may experience this situation. It is really a big tragedy as the lost data must have precious pictures, important audio files and many other things. Know what will your reaction; you know nothing how to overcome this situation and what to do next to get back the formatted data. Don’t Panic!! Luckily the recovery can be easily performed. The formatted files of the CF card were not deleted permanently; the files are wiped and stored some other place. So it is possibly recovered. But moving further I would like to discuss the scenario of data loss, as this will help you to avoid this situation later:

Scenario of data loss:

  • Accidental deletion of files.
  • By mistakenly formatting the files of CF card.
  • Due to virus/malware attack the data get corrupted or become inaccessible.
  • And also due to various others reasons like low battery power, using the card on different gadgets.

These are the very common reasons of data loss. If you are having the backup then you can get your data back but if you don’t have the backup then you can also recover the CF card formatted data by using the recovery tool.

Recommended Tool: 

Card Recovery Tool is a very advanced and powerful recovery tool. It helps the user to recover the formatted audio, photos and video files from the hard drives, cameras, SD cards, USB cards etc. it easily recover the data it doesn’t matter in which situation you lost it. It also recovers the deleted/corrupted data of the Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, and Microsoft Office. Bu taking four successful steps you can recover the formatted data easily.

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