Recover Files From Sony Memory Stick Pro Duo

Sony Memory Stick Pro Duo

Have you ever come across a situation of data loss in Sony memory Stick pro Duo? If yes then there is nothing to fear about as ways are available to solve this data loss problem. Generally memory stick is a data storage device which provides high data transfer speed along with good storage capacity. This memory stick is especially designed for camcorders, PDA’s, camera along with other digital devices so that it can store games, audios, videos, photos in large amount. 

How data get lost in memory stick?

The data gets lost in memory stick due to several ways because it does not give guarantees of your data. May be your data gets deleted unintentionally by pressing on the delete all option. Some of the reasons are mentioned below:

Low battery: When your camera shows low battery signal and if you still continue to take shots then you may come across data loss situation.

Unintentionally deletion: Sometimes you may delete your data without knowing and by chance you press the delete button.

Virus attack- If you connect your memory stick to infected system then your data gets damaged and makes it inaccessible

Formatting: After connecting your memory stick to your system, sometimes it does not show your data and that time it tells to format the memory card and your chance increases to lose data.

Improper ejection: It is seen sometimes that you pull out memory stick very hardly from the camera while transferring the files, this can be a loss of data.

Whatever the reasons may be for the deletion of data, you still have the option to restore it. The data which seems that got deleted, actually they are not deleted permanently but they are kept on the memory stick. When you store new data on it then the old one gets overwritten so as soon you have data loss situation, you should stop storing any data otherwise you will not be able to recover the lost data. You should use Card Data Recovery Tool which can help you to recover the deleted or lost from memory stick. This tool is verify useful and also suitable for all types of system.

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