Get back Lost Data with a “Not Formatted CF Card” Error

“Hi!! I am not able to access some of my important pictures I have saved on my CF card because both – computer and digital camera says that the memory card is not formatted. This CF card has been used for a long time in my Sony digital camera. For the first time, I am facing such kind of issue on this card. Before this, I tried to connect the CF card to my computer and another digital camera but both of them said that there is a need to format the card. What should I do now? How can I get back all the pictures back from my CF card?”

Well, you may get this due to several reasons and as a result, you may lose all your pictures that you have taken to capture great memorable memories. However, it is not impossible to get back such data from your camera’s CF card but it is also very important to know the reasons or the causes behind getting this error.

Causes For “Not Formatted CF Card” Error

Below are some of the common causes for getting “Not Formatted CF Card” error. Read carefully the causes so that you can never repeat such stuffs again and can avoid getting “Not Formatted CF Card” error.
  • CF card RAW error: Sometimes unexpected inner error in the CF card may cause RAW issue and when you tried to format the CF card, the system may also warn you not formatted error.
  • Interrupted Formatting: Sometimes, when a formatting process got interrupted or stopped because of sudden system shutdown, sudden system failure, formatted error, CF card unplugged from PC may happen to the CF card.
  • CF card physically failed: Generally, CF card is physically damaged so that it becomes quite difficult to recover the lost data from such cards.
  • Virus Attack: Usually, because of virus attack or malware infection, the CF card may become not formatted.
These are some of the most common causes behind getting the “Not Formatted CF Card” error. After getting this error, sometimes, you may lose your data from CF card. However, you can now easily get back lost data from CF card after getting “Not Formatted CF Card” error with Card Data Recovery Tool. You can get back your lost data from it using this tool. 

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