Retrieve Data from Unreadable Micro SD Card

Almost everyone use Micro SD card in their phones or digital cameras to store their important data. SD card is the easiest and efficient way to increase the storage space of your device. But when your Micro SD card gets damaged you fail to read the data present in it.  At that moment you aren’t allowed to access the card on your smartphone, computer, or digital camera.

Did you encounter Micro SD card unreadable problem? Facing Micro SD card error? Have you successfully rescued your card data? If you have not then don’t worry here in this blog we will be discussing about an efficient solution to fix unreadable SD card.
You had 16GB SanDisk Micro SD card that become unreadable both in cell phone and computer for unknown reason. You were using this card on your device from last 3 years and it never troubled you at any time. But yesterday when you connected the card to computer to make a backup of your data it prompted unreadable Micro SD card.

When you tried to insert it into your phone the message was same. Your SD card consists of your important files, photos, conference videos and some of your favorite music’s. And at that time you can’t miss those precious things. What will be your reaction? Is there any way to restore those lost photos and other files such as videos and music from your unreadable Micro SD Card?

How to fix unreadable Micro SD card?

The most important thing you must do before fixing the unreadable Micro SD card is to recover the data. There is no connection between data recovery and troubleshooting unreadable Micro SD card. You might lose some of your important data if you don’t use a data recovery first and keep using the damaged SD card for storing new files. Never use any new data to the damaged card to avoid data from being overwritten.
Below you have few reasons that makes Micro SD card unreadable:
  • Abruptly removing Micro SD card from your phone can leave the card in unreadable state
  • Virus/Malware infection can be the top reason to damage your data or make your card inaccessible
  • Sudden interruption while transferring data from SD card to computer can make your Micro SD card inaccessible.
  • Card errors or format error can be due to the improper handling of card
If you are facing issue with Micro SD card unreadable problem then you surely ant to fix this issue without losing your data. The easiest and safest solution is to first recover your data from unreadable SD card then format it for reuse. First look what can help you to recover your data from unreadable Micro SD card. There are too many data recovery programs available in the market but it is very important to choose the right and trustworthy program. Average users know little about data recovery tool and usually they end up losing their important data forever. Card Data Recovery Tool is the professional program which is capable of recovering the lost or deleted data from your SD card. It even allows you to retrieve your unreadable SD card data. 


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